Welcome to Everyday Kitchen Play!

I’ve always had a love affair with food, and learned what I know about cooking from watching my mom when I was a kid. I’d sit there and talk with her while she stood at the stove preparing multiple dinners to suit everyone’s needs. I saw her cook  and asked her questions about how to cook lots of different foods!

I’m now married to a sweet and sexy man, have a little house in the woods with a dog and a cat, and work a desk job – a pretty ordinary but wonderful life.

Cooking calms me, and I feel the most in my zone when all burners are going. No… really… stop laughing!

The goal of this blog is to share the foods I make and some tricks I have up my sleeve with you, and to help you tweak my food to your own tastes and styles.

Keep in mind, I’m not a chef. I will not wow you with my knife skills, won’t garnish every plate, and seldom worry about everything being fresh from the garden (I love that, but the time it takes… ugh!).

I’m just a girl, living on a hill, with a stove, trying to make easy, yummy, and mostly healthy food.

Please note the required disclaimer I feel obligated to post since I’m in the communications field:
I am providing information only. Use these recipes and tips at your own risk. I don’t know your allergies, your level of clutziness with knives and banana peels, or how you and your family will like these recipes. But, with that said, enjoy!


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